Dressed as Julia Child for Halloween a couple years back. 

Dressed as Julia Child for Halloween a couple years back. 

Instead of cartoons like other children, I grew up watching Jacques Torres, Jacques Pepin, and Julia Child every Saturday morning on PBS. Food and music are two of my passions (close third would be CrossFit/physical fitness). Both food and music are ways to communicate, share, explore, and create memories.

After graduating from NYU and earning a degree in Music Technology, I worked as a broadcast engineer for two years, mainly working overnights with a different schedule every week. I was tired all the time and always felt ravenous, although I felt like I was constantly sleeping and eating.  That's when I decided to focus more closely on my nutrition. I ditched the grains and all packaged foods and began to eat only vegetables and animal protein, with fruits, nuts and seeds. While this might be a massive change for some, I luckily was a weird child addicted to vegetables. On several occasions I remember asking my parents to move the broccoli to the other side of the table out of my reach because I couldn't stop eating it long after I was full! Broccoli to me is like beer nuts at a bar... when it's in front of you, you eat 'em, even when you're not remotely hungry.

I’m also pretty much the worst Italian Jew ever. I never crave pizza or pasta and can’t eat enough pork. #Whoops.

I hope to help broaden your recipe arsenal and assist you in being more creative in the kitchen, while expanding your musical taste buds at the same time. Let me know if you make any of my recipes and your thoughts on my music playlists and suggestions!

Now let's jam in the kitchen!