December Playlist '15

^^ December 2015 Spotify Playlist ^^

^^ December 2015 Spotify Playlist ^^

HOLY SMOKES. It's December. I am not prepared for the jingles and the bells and the hohohos, not to mention the festivals and the lights. Oooff. Am I alone in this??! HOW IS IT DECEMBER?!

I'm going to get real with you, I distinctly remember in middle school being told "Just you wait until you get older, time goes by faster". #truthbomb AM I OLD NOW?? Man, that teacher screwed me up good. She should have told me "You have 5 whole years left, then you will have fractions of years each year after that". Hahhaha. (Sad but true).

Ok, so I cleary screwed up on the whole November playlist thing and it was getting so close to December, I was like "Whelp, I screwed the pooch, I may as well wait". #wompwomp Plzdon'tholditagainstme. Ihopethisplaylistmakesupformymistakes. 

Anyway..... back to ze muzic!! These songs are *mostly* free of cliche December songs* because I figured you would be getting enough of the rudolph and the grinch while you grocery shop, get your teeth cleaned, and go shopping for a new outfit for your dog. Also, 95% of the holiday (Christmas) music released post 1970, I'm just not that into. Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra YES, but again, OVER SATURATION PEOPLE.

*except for the songs that belong to my most favoritist holiday movie ever <33


Martin Solveig, GTA - Intoxicated - Radio Edit
Big Data, Kimbra - The Glow (feat. Kimbra) 
AlunaGeorge - Your Drums, Your Love
Da, The Jones - Sirens
Alex Clare - Whispering
LEON - Leon's Lullaby
Sylvan Esso - Dress - Spotify Session
Beauville, NoMBE - Letting In
Rainbow Kitten Surprise - Devil Like Me
BORNS - American Money
Jack Garratt - Worry
Marian Hill - One Time
George Ezra - Blame It On Me
The Rolling Stones - Wild Horses - Acoustic Version
Jimmy Durante - Frosty the Snowman
Jimmy Durante - Frosty the Snowman (different version)