February '15

I don’t understand how today is already February! It feels like Christmas was only last week…

February February, the month of loooveeee. Or so Hallmark and CVS wants us to believe! I think Valentines’ Day is a great holiday, actually. Yes it is completely dumb and silly and makes people wallow in their singleness, but why? Celebrate all of the love you have to give to those that love you!  Or don’t… I can’t make you.

So this playlist is a mash up of so many genres, it might be illegal. However, I love all of these songs and think that considering how different they all are from one another, it’s a darn good playlist. All of these songs are either about love, or I’m pretending they are because I can’t actually understand all of the lyrics and it sounds like it is to me. Either way, check it out! I’m sure you’ll find at least a few songs you dig!

Which song is your favorite?