January Playlist '16

^^^January 2016 Playlist^^^

^^^January 2016 Playlist^^^


Wow. I am SO late*. It is already half way through the month! *Insert monkey covering his eyes emoji* Well, at least I have a great excuse! ...just kidding. I have been busy with work but school has not started yet, so my load has been light. My "excuse" is Netflix (Gilmore Girls) and catching up on my social life. Not an excuse at all really. I am slowly getting back into a rhythm and believe that with each day I will improve my time management skills (can you say New Year Res?) and get better and better about posting things and bringing y'all jams and jams! (Get it?! Jams tunes and jam food?!) Don't worry, my corn will be going nowhere!!

*I have actually had this playlist up for over a week now I just haven't posted it on my blog because I have hardly touched my laptop. (I'm taking this "vacation" thing pretty seriously!!) Anyway, I have DEFINITELY tested out these jams while cooking countless times in the past week. I have certified them, without a doubt, as *MUSIC TO definitely COOK BY*

1. Sir Sly - You Haunt Me - Amtrac Remix
2. The Acid - Basic Instinct
3. PAPA - Aint' It So
4. Herbie Hancock - Tomorrow Never Knows (feat. Dave Matthews)
5. Old Man Canyon - Phantoms and Friends
6. Mighty Oaks - Just One Day
7. Miguel - FLESH
8. AURORA - Running With The Wolves
9. The Well - Sierra
10. Rae Morris - For You
11. HAIM - Better Off
12. Joseph - Cloudline
13. Citizen Cope - Son's Gonna Rise
14. The Law Langhorne Slim - Fire
15. Belle & Sebastian - Another Sunny Day15. 

A couple of tidbits
- Herbie + Dave, two of my most favorite artists. Yes, you heard right. Now please enjoy. 
- AURORA is seventeen and killin' these songs, yo. If you follow me on Instagram, you know I've been listening to her nonstop.
-HAIM I didn't like for a long time! I don't know what happened, but I listened to their album and couldn't get into is a while ago. I heard them again recently after a while and my mind has been changed!

-Let me know which you digg and which you could do without!

January 2016 Spotify Playlist