April Playlist '16


I hope you have managed to lovingly prank someone today or perhaps be on the butt end of the loving prank. If the latter, I hope you took it well and it was painless ;) 

So it looks like Spring is alive and well in these parts of town... at least for the present hour. Come this evening who knows what season it will be! Right now it is a whopping 76 degrees and humid (I AM SHVITZING OVER HERE), but Sunday it is supposed to be a high of 44 and then snow on Monday. Ha, Mother Nature certainly knows how to get her kicks! Can't say I blame her for how we've abused her... different conversation for a different time.

Let's get to the music!

This month I decided to feature a few artists and add not one, but two songs of their songs each in my mix. I never repeat an artist in a monthly playlist, so you know these guys are good! Like always - there's a mix of new music and old music, mainstream music and minorstream music.

Little Comets is my newfound go-to band. 
Best music for - licking the brownie batter off the whisk or making jam. 
ess ideal music for - anything requiring a knife as you will be dancing around the kitchen.

Max Frost is a singer that I heard about through the PaleoChef on Instagram.
With him you might be ok wielding a knife, but just be careful-- especially if you tend to cook with an appetizer of liquid antioxidants ;)

Kevin Garrett has magical vocal chords, catchy lyrics, and artful arrangements. I went to college with this kid and saw him play last week with some college buddies after not hearing him for a while- he's killing the game. He'll be blowing up in 3...2...
Best music for  - anything; chopping, baking, cooking... his music is far more mellow, you wont be dancing around like a lunatic.

Let me hear your thoughts! What are you going to cook while you jam out?

Now get to cookin' & a listenin'!

1. Little Comets - Bridge Burn
2. Everything Everything - Cough Cough
3. Max Frost - Withdrawal
4. Wild Party - When I Get Older
5. D.I.D. - Fast Food
6. Kevin Garrett - Control
7. James Bay - Hold Back The River
8. Mantaraybryn - Pristine
9. Little Comets - Dancing Song
10. Interpol - Everything Is Wrong - Live at Electric Lady
11. The Decemberists - Make You Better
12. Houndmouth - Casino (Bad Things)
13. Kevin Garrett - Pushing Away
14. Alabama Shakes - Always Alright
15. Ed Sheeran - Sofa
16. Little Comets - A Little Opus
17. Max Frost - Paranoia