July Playlist '16

Hooookaaayyyy. Have you been watching Orange is the New Black?! OMG. Oh my god. Speechless. Should have seen that coming, but oh snap, I didn't! Wow, that is all I have to say. 

Now. Onto more pertinent matters; this July Playlist. "July?" you may ask. "What happened to your June playlist, Julia?" Good question lovely readers, good question. Do you ever set really great intentions for yourself and then just fall flat, stand there immobile, forget what you said you were going to do when you were going to do it, or just get so exhausted that your time management decreases? I hope I'm not alone...

I was incredibly fortunate to travel to Italy for three weeks, two weeks of which were in June. I went for a class in the Mediterranean Diet, learning about all things Italian food. It was not awful, I'll tell ya that! We toured a prosciutto di parma facility in Parma, an organic lemon farm in Amalfi, winery in Chianti, had courses in wine tasting, olive oil tasting, food labeling and standards, food in film, etc etc. I hope to elaborate and talk more about my experience in future posts. But for now, it is just my sh*tty excuse for not posting a June playlist. My intentions were great, but my execution subpar. 

This leads me to my July playlist theme: TRAVEL MUSIC. Summer is a time for travel. Whether you're taking the bus to the next city over, going on a road trip across the country, or flying across the world, the summer is an extremely popular time for travel. I have certain music and artists I like to listen to when I'm traveling. I am very fortunate in that I am a person that can pretty much sleep anywhere. You name it, I can sleep there. In a car, van, bus, train, plane, standing on a subway car; yes, yes, yes, yes, yes- even before take off, and yes- been there done that. What can I say, I'm gifted. With that in mind, it is MUCH easier for me to fall asleep with low volume, soothing music in my earbuds. Not classical, but mellow "pop" (whatever "pop" means now a days). Music with a beat but music that won't get me to sing along.

Here are some suggestions I have for you. 

What kind of music do you listen to when you travel?