Bacon Wrapped Dates

Okay, so on every Paleo blog someone inevitably ends up rambling on and on about how delicious bacon wrapped dates are. Clearly that was a cue for me to find out on my own if these people were telling the truth. And my findings… TRUTH. Probably not one of the most yummy looking dishes, but maaan- deeeeelicouss. I even put a whole almond in the center of some. Yummy, and so dangerous. Could eat them Now this is not a dish that I had to alter to fit the Paleo style. I've tried so many dishes written up in recipe book and blogs of imitation "real" people food, and they just don't cut it. They usually (not always) fall short and make you cranky. Perhaps I'll soon come up with stellar faux grain recipes that knock your socks off! Let's hope!

Bacon Wrapped Dates:

Serves 4 (or less if you can’t control yourself, which would be understandable). 
Cook time 25 minutes* 
Prep time 5 minutes

4 pieces of bacon
12 dates pitted
12 almonds (optional)

1. Preheat your oven to 375.
2. Slice your dates open only enough to take the pit out. (Then add almond if you want).
3. Cut your bacon strips in 3 pieces.
4. Wrap your dates in bacon.
5. Place on a pyrex pan.
6. Rotate halfway through.

*If you cook your bacon in a skillet a bit (not all the way) before wrapping your dates, the oven time will be much shorter. Also, this would probably be bangin' with prosciutto wrapped twice around each date and filled with yummy Italian cheese (if you're one that floats in the dairy boat).


Bon Appetite!