Ground Beef and Kale surprise!

Okay, so I'm annoyed, I ordered two things from Amazon forever ago (aka Nov 26).  I was supposed to get it two days ago.

Dude!!!!  As I just finished typing that sentence the UPS guy cameee wooohoooo!!  I should have typed that on my blog two days ago!  A wire rack & my laundry hamper.  YES.  So excited... wow, I must officially be an adult for that to make my day... how lame.  Also got another package that I wasn't expecting, soliiid.  (Wont say what that is... it's part holiday gift!)

Anyway, now I can get to cooking what I have been wanting to cook for a week now!  But I'll leave you with this since I've not posted in several days:

My post workout meal/breakfast/lunch today... SO good.  Kale from my dinner the last two nights, 1 patty of ground beef from my Pat LaFrieda LivingSocial purchase, the 1 egg I had left, and the 1 tomato I had.  I cooked the beef in my pan with a bit of oil, added the egg, added the kale, and lastly the tomato, salt, pepper, herbs.  The whole thing took about 6 minutes: WIN!  (The kale was sauteed  the for 5 minutes in only a drizzle of olive oil, a sliced garlic clove, salt and pepper, and some chopped up mango (when I first made it a couple days ago)).

Seriously though, so good.  Sometimes leftover/random meals are the besssst.  (Especially when you don't except them to be!)