Coconut Cashew Bar

This is rockin' & super simple. So many possibilities! : )

Coconut Cashew Bar

Serves 9-12 (depending on size) 
Prep time 5 minutes 
Bake time (fridge time) 5 minutes

10 dates
1/4C raw almond slices
1/3C raw cashews
1/4C coconut flakes
4 tbsp coconut cream concentrate (melted)

1. Blend the almonds and cashews in your food processor.
2. Add your (pitted) dates, coconut flakes, and melted coconut cream. Blend until you have a chunky, doughy type consistency. (It doesn't need to be one large ball, just a consistency you can mold).
3. Make your bars! I used a metal toaster oven pan with parchment paper on it. Spread out your mixture! I made a 7.5"X6.5" slab.
4. Put in the fridge for 5 minutes and then cut to your desired sizes.

Wicked easy and great to have on hand. I love eating 1/2 a Lara Bar before I workout and 1/2 after if I'm working out at an odd time, and since my schedule is wonky, that happens quite often and Lara Bars were getting pricey!  The cashew bar and coconut bar are my two favs, so I just combined 'em. You can change this recipe however you'd like and they probably still will come out good. I didn't want mine too sweet, so I used lots of liquid (coconut cream) as the binder rather than the sweeter alternative or the dates.  Tis up to you!

I also made a walnut apricot version, but I'ma tweak it before I share it.

Once I've consumed these bars, I will certainly be making more and creating more combinations. I shall keep you posted............ because I know you're all (all 5 of you ;) ) waiting at the edge of your seat.............