Coconut Dates Coconut

Coconut & Date Bon Bons
Coconut & Date Bon Bons

hehehee, Coconut Dates Coconut. Get it? One coconut goes on a date with another coconut & this recipe is entirely coconuts and dates. Hehee :P Well at least I amused myself...

Entertaining or having company over sometime soon? No? Okay... Well if you were... these are suuuper quick and easy and great with dessert... and you can totally keep them in the freezer until you want them. (Though I recommend pulling them out and putting them in the fridge a couple hours or letting them sit on the counter before digging in or you'll miss the lovely texture)

ALSO_ super exciting... I was making a delicous side of mixed veggies to go along with steak the other night, and they got all mushy. The time was not calcualted correctly... mushy veggies are totally fine, but what about making it SOUP?! Oooooooh yeaaahhhhh, I went there! It was an off the cuff idea so I don't have a 'recipe' per se, so I'll be making the real deal super soon and will pass along. I love delicous mistakes, delicous mistakes are the besssst!

Also, I'm on a six day consecutive overnight working schedule... ew... but at least they're consecutive! Life ain't that bad ;)

Makes 8 balls *
Prep time 5 minutes
Cook time ZERO!

1/2C dates (I used 7 large)
1/4C coconut flakes + 1/4C more
1 tbsp melted coconut cream concentrate
1 tbsp melted coconut oil

Optional for topping: Tablespoonish Cocoa powder, chopped coconut flakes, and/or melted coconut cream concentrate for topping

These directions are super difficult, just a heads up. HAH. Sarcasm guys, sarcasm.

1. Put your dates and 1/4C coconut flakes in a food processor and blend until its mushy.
2. Add your melted coconut cream concentrate & melted coconut oil. Process for a few seconds.
3. Add the rest of your coconut flakes and process.
4. Roll into balls. Keep as is, OR dunk them in melted coconut cream concentrate, or roll them in cocoa powder or coconut flakes, or add cocoa powder to your coconut cream concentrate and dip. YUM. You could even grind some nuts n roll them. Oolalaa.

*I suggest doubling or tripling the recipe... If you don't, you'll wish you did. At least that's what I wish I did considering they're nearly gone already...

Coconut Date Bon Bons
Coconut Date Bon Bons
Coconut Date Bon Bons
Coconut Date Bon Bons