21 Day Sugar Detox: Day 6-10

DAY 10:

Almost half way there!

Arewethereyet??? 10/11 days done. Today was a super long day because I went to a new-hire breakfast before going into work (and I obviously ate before hand because it was all bagels/pastries/fruit). Any way, that made for a very hungry Julia, so I had lunch earlier than usual. I went to have my snack after lunch, but my avocado was too hard on the inside!!! I was so saaadd. Good thing I kept busy the last couple of hours and forgot how much I wanted that gosh darn avocado with salt.

OH YEAH. Check out my Instagram. I post food photos on the daily, especially during the 21DSD program. How cool/lame right?

DAY 9:

Sugar cravings? What sugar cravings?

LOL, JK. Of course I had sugar cravings. I don't think I'm ever not going to have sugar cravings. Which is fine, as long as I learn to deal and don't go crazay. I was hungry all day. I ate a full breakfast, but I think I just worked out more than I thought this am (@ 6:00am whoopwhoop!) I made dessert tonight, for the first time. EEK. I would have taken a picture of it, but it looked like poop. Delicious though. (It wasn't poop, it was avocado/banana pudding from the 21DSD book, just to clarify HA).

DAY 8:

Today was grrreat! No hiccups, just plain sugarless. Wohoo!! Screw weekends, LOL.

DAY 7:

MEALPREPSUNDAY! &&& Not gunna lie... social engagements while on the 21DSD BLOW. 

I ate a cookie :( GRR. It wasn't even that good. Poop. Before then, however, I had a fabulous day. Made mayonnaise and chicken salad (that will be up on the blog tomorrow-  it's fantaaaastic), Balanced Bites' greek-style meatballs from her 21DSD book that just came out, sauteed brussel sprouts, and roasted buttercup squash. Yes, butterCUP squash. Go buy one and roast it. It's yummy. Tastes like a combo of pumpkin meets sweet potato with a roasted chestnut texture. It's a winner winner squash dinner. I also made these magical breakfast quiches. So amazing to know that every morning I'll have a great fulling and healthy breakfast before and after my workouts! Love making breakfast in advance, SUCH a time saver.

Sunday Meals

DAY 6:

Temptation is everything. Don'tgiveindon'tgivein.

Easier said than done. I miiight have had a little hard cider... just a little... :/ It's okay. I didn't let it get to me or trigger anything else. Ugh.