21 Day Sugar Detox: Day 11-15

Day 15:

The last Monday!

Today was lovely... except I should have eaten more for breakfast. I had my usual half a personal quiche before my CrossFit workout, and then the other half after... but it was an exteeended workout, so I had no time to eat more when I realized it wasn't enough fuel to last me til the afternoon. Bummer dude. So I threw some salami in my bag and ate it when I got to work. LOL. Yup, just a bag of salami. NBD. I'm pretty sure everyone does that... right??!

My rockin' lunch from today;  brisket + onions, roasted veggies, and a butternut squash flatbread at the bottom to soak up some of that flavorful beefy liquid:


Day 14:

Sunday Funday aka Cook-a-thon: >Slow cooked brisket >Roasted veggies >Amazing personal breakfast quiches >Chicken salad >Butternut squash flatbread >Squash Pie with a Crumble top

This weekend was glorious. I cooked a lot, CrossFitted a lot, and overall just made strides in productivity AKA boring old lady status. But it rocked. I have been SO busy lately, it felt good to have no evening plans. I woke up early both mornings and did what I needed to do. Also this weekend I had zero cravings for sweet shtuff! WIN!

Day 13:

I surrounded myself with zero temptation. Hooray!

Day 12:

Yo, I'm sick of this sh*t. 

I just want to have a drink with a few friends after a stressful couple days of work. I'm not a crazy drinker (don't drink very often at all), but it's nice to have a couple of drinks with some friends, or even a drink with dinner once in a while. I love going out to shows and having a drink, too. If I had my old job, this wouldn't be a problem what so ever because I had zero social life, but now that I have a normal job I have the time to hang out with people after work and on the weekends- not lunch once in a while. Frustrating. This 21 Day Sugar Detox is getting ooooold. ALSO- my acne still BLOWS. GO AWAY NO ONE WANTS YOU.

Sorry for the anger. Hopefully it will pass.

The past few days I've been continuing the trend of leftover chili from Against All Grain's latest book, my awesome Italian Chicken Salad, super easy Personal Quiches, and tonight I tried making some pumpkin bark... it's okay. Would be better with cocoa nibs sprinkled on top!!

Todays Food

Day 11:

 11 down. 10 more to go.