21 Day Sugar Detox: DAY 16-20


Day 20:

I had vodka. 

Vodka is not on the "Approved" list, but like my tea bag said this morning, "The purpose of life is to enjoy every moment". And I enjoyed every moment of my evening last night. Drinking is not needed to have a fun time (especially when you're with awesome friends), but sometimes it's enjoyable and just feels right. So, there it is! I'm not perfect + I don't feel guilty, either.

Day 19:

Smooth sailin'. 

I ate a properly large and protein packed breakfast (+ snack), so the day went well after my 10k row (omg can't believe I did it.. and I didn't hate it. OMG!) Baked a bunch-o-shtuff to bring home for Thanksgiving and didn't derail!

Day 18:

All I want is protein + all I have is acne.

Greatest one liner ever? Yeah, nope, not at all. Still waiting for my face to be like a babies bottom Diane!! LOL But suuuuriously. C'mon people. It's probably the chocolate, but seriously have only had chocolate 2x a week... which is like, practically never. So it just shouldn't count.

Engery-wise, I'm doin' grrrreat (as Tony the Tiger would say). I've been waking up at 545/6am 3x a week and I've woken up by 9am at the very latest on all weekend days. HOW AMAZING. I've also been making sleep a major priority, going to sleep before 11pm when waking up early and going to sleep by 12 when waking up normally. Wowweezowee.

Tonight I made myself some chocolate mousse. 1 avocado, the rest of my homemade coconut milk, 1 tablespoon cocoa powder, some coconut flakes, and a green apple to dip in it! Yumyum wootwoot.

Chocolate Mousse
Chocolate Mousse

Day 17:

Yo, Ima pro.

This ain't nothin'. Lies. It's going fine but I'm not going to be cocky.

Day 16:

It's actually not so bad!

Seriously manageable. It's only an 'issue' in social atmospheres where temptation looms. My roommate made a belated birthday cake for my other roommate and I was even tempted. It's been in the fridge for three days. They've been munching and I haven't even stuck my finger in the frosting! Go me!

5 more days!