21 Day Sugar Detox: DAY 21


Day 21:

And that's a wrapppp!

Phew. Thank goodness. Here are my findings. There is bad along with the good:

First off, I am glad that I did this 21 Day Sugar Detox. It definitely has curbed my sugar cravings. However, it was NOT easy at all and I was not perfect throughout the whole 3 weeks. I flubbed a few times, but nothing drastic and nothing that I wouldn't have eaten on a normal Paleo day.

This was way more difficult than I expected. Because I already follow a Paleo diet, I thought that this would be relatively easy. A few things were difficult- the restriction on fruit made me snack way more on nuts, which I'm not fond of. I really try to limit my nut intake because it's so easy to continuously snack on them, but it was the easiest thing to have at work while running around. I am looking forward to introducing additional fruit back in and eating far less nuts. Also- socially it was tough. I don't drink a ton and I'm not a big partier or bar person. HOWEVER, I do enjoy going out with friends once in a while and having a couple of drinks in a low key atmosphere. (& I freaking just love beer). I kept wanting to go and grab a drink, and it was tough not to. One Friday all I wanted to do when I got out of work was meet up with a few girlfriends and unwind with a beer after a stressful busy week, but we don't live close enough where it made sense to hang at someones place and just hang out. Going to a bar was a central place, and of course I can go to a bar and NOT drink while my friends drink, but why would I do a thing like that? Also, it's Fall/Winter.... Who doesn't want spiked mulled cider or a pumpkin ale?! I'm looking forward to having a few Fall themed drinks on Thanksgiving, that is for sure.

The Good:

-Far less sugar cravings! Yay! -I have loads of energy. Well, not loads, but I am able to wake up at 5:45 3x a week and go to the gym before going into work and getting home at 8/9pm. I've also been making sleep more of a priority, sleeping 6.5-8.5 hours a night. -Didn't notice PMS at all.

The Bad:

-My skin still blows. This detox did not help clear up my acne whatsoever. I'm super annoyed. I know everyone is different and everyones skin reacts differently to every food/environment/cream... everything. But, like, not even a little bit better? Really? LAME. I'm going to knock out nuts for a week or two (after Thanksgiving) and see if that helps at all... and if it doesn't, I'm going to knock out eggs... which depresses me a bit lot.

So overall, it's definitely something I recommend doing! At the least it will help you curb your sugar cravings which in turn will help you maintain a healthier lifestyle. I will definitely do this again.... with my own adapted rules! (I'll include an occasional drink and another green apple a day). I think that it will still help me to lessen the sugar cravings while maintaining my sanity. We shall see!

Until then... HAVE THE HAPPIEST THANKSGIVUKKAH! And a happy/healthy start to the Holiday Season!!