Cutting Board Moisturizer

                      The left spoon has been adiquatly moisturized compared to the dried and old right wooden spoon and cutting boards. 

                      The left spoon has been adiquatly moisturized compared to the dried and old right wooden spoon and cutting boards. 

Moisturizer for wood. Yeah, that sounds ridiculous doesn't it?! However, it makes perfect sense. Like human skin, when you repeatedly wash the wood/skin it dries out. No this is not a wood stain that darkens the surface, it just brings moisture to wood to bring it back to life! (However it will make the wood look a bit darker- but the color will fade). This also is a great conditioner for new surfaces as well. I did some pretty thorough research when I was gifted this GORGEOUS handmade, one of a kind cutting board. This is not any old cutting board. I want this sucker to last years and years, and for it to do so I have to treat it right!

                                                                                              Wood Cutting Board Moisturizer

                                                                                              Wood Cutting Board Moisturizer

A couple of things about cutting board care: >>>Always wash the entire cutting board, top-sides-back, wash it all! I'm lazy and would only wash the the top, however I have changed my ways! (Especially with wooden spoons, I have loads of experience with only washing the spoon part and not washing the handle). If you do not wash the entire surface, then the wood is liable to 'age' differently as opposed to together. >>>When you get a new wood cutting board, it is very important to condition it before you use it. It will repeal food and oils (instead of them seeping in), and it will minimize the marks from your knives. >>>With a new board, you should condition it once a week for about a month in order to better repeal food and bacteria. >>>You should condition your wooden kitchen tools every few months, or every month if you use them heavily. >>>Make sure you thoroughly clean your cutting board first!!

To Clean wood cutting boards:

1/2 lemon 
coarse sea salt

  1. Wash your board thoroughly with soap and hot water.2. Generously sprinkle the board with the salt.3. Cut your lemon in half and use one half as a the sponge and gently squeeze the lemon as you rub the salt around the board.4. Wash the salt and lemon off and let dry.

To Moisturize wood cutting boards:

Makes: about a pint of moisturizer
Hands on: 10 minutes
Total time: 6-8 hours

8 ounces of walnut oil*
2 ounces of organic beeswax
contents of 1 vitamin E tablet

  1. Fill a small sauce pan with a few inches of water and put on high heat.
  2. In a glass jar, add the beeswax and oil and put it in the sauce pan.
  3. Just being the water boils, turn the heat down to medium-low, just so the water remains at a gentle simmer.
  4. Constantly stir the glass jar (with a wooden spoon) until the oil and wax are all melted and smooth.
  5. Turn off the burner and add in the vitamin E and stir. Coat the rest of the spoon in the oil and massage.
  6. Once the oil has hardened (this only took about 20 minutes), use your fingers to massage the wax into the wood cutting board. Thoroughly cover all surfaces evenly. Wait about 6-8 hours. Then with a soft cloth, gently wipe the excess oil off of the board.

P.S. Your hands will feel so soft after!!!

*I used walnut oil because it doesn't easily turn rancid like vegetable oils.