Holiday Reese's

                                                                                                     Sunbutter faux Reese's

                                                                                                     Sunbutter faux Reese's

Happy Hanukkah! Merry Christmas! Happy Birthday!
Happy Kwanzaa! Happy New Year! Happy Tuesday! Happy December!

Seriously though, every day should be a celebration! Whether it be "Yay I finally got out of bed on my FIRST alarm!" or "Yay I didn't eat the cookies I was tempted to eat at the office!" or "I'm so lucky to have such a wonderful roommate/friend/boyfriend/parents!"

I'm calling these HOLIDAY REESE'S because you can make them into any shapes- whatever your little heart desires! The 'peanut butter' is the consistency of dough so you can roll it out and use cookie cutters. (Super similar to the Reese's Easter Eggs or Christmas Trees- the best Reese's in my opinion). It is way easier and takes faaar less time if you just make regular Reese's shapes or Easter Eggs though. Just a heads up ;)

Disclaimer: these look VERY homemade, however, homemade is always the best made and the best enjoyed! Don't worry, they still taste fantastic. Promise.

Makes: about 18 (of course will vary with different shapes and sizes)
Hands on time: 25 minutes if rolling it out and using a cookie cutter, less time if you make balls
Freezer time: 20 minutes


1 Cup sunbutter (or almond butter)
5 tablespoons coconut flour (helpful if the coconut flour is sifted as coconut flour tends to have little clumps, but not mandatory)
1 tablespoon palm shortening

1 Cup enjoy life chocolate chips
3 teaspoons coconut oil
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/4 teaspoon salt

  1. Mix sun butter, coconut flour, and palm shortening in a bowl. >>>Add a tablespoon or so of maple syrup if you tend to like your sweets a bit sweeter. I personally enjoy dark chocolate and the slight bitterness it gives. Personal preference on this one.<<<<
  2. Roll out dough in between parchment paper. Using cookie cutters... (kinda took a while... if you don't have patience just make them circular like normal or ovals like Easter eggs)
  3. Place on parchment lined cookie sheet and pop in freezer for 5 minutes
  4. While they're chilling- On super low heat in a sauce pan add coconut oil and chocolate chips
  5. Continuously stir, when almost entirely melted add salt and vanilla and stir.
  6. Pull out the shapes and using a fork, dunk them individually into the chocolate. Pull them out and hold over the chocolate to allow excess drip off. (Make sure to do this!! I should have let more drip off, hence the super homemade look ;) )
  7. Put back in freezer for about 15 minutes to allow to solidify.

Eat up (peanut)buttercup! (& let me know if you make these!)