Super-De-Duper Ginger Tea

Ginger tea lemon turmeric raw honey

Ginger tea is a nighttime ritual in my apartment. For the past year or so I have been drinking ginger tea pretty often, usually Yogi brand. However several months ago my boyfriend was craving ginger tea and I only had fresh ginger and not ginger tea bags (random, I know). So we chopped up some ginger and pour some hot water over it and wam bam a tradition was made. We make fresh ginger tea as often as possible, usually at least 5 nights a week. His is traditional, 100% ginger and water while I add a various assortment of accessories to mine.

Because I can't just leave enough alone and always have to take something healthy to the next level, I usually add raw honey, lemon, and turmeric. Pro-tip: when using turmeric, use a metal utensil to scoop out turmeric or else your finger/plastic/whatever will turn orange semi-permanently or permanently. Same with a mug- do not use a mug with a white interior! That's why I use my "I am a great singer!" mug every night, because A) the color is such as you cannot see a stain, and B) I'm just such a great singer ;)

Ginger is delicious (and if you do dislike ginger, you might want to skip over this recipe, ha). When going out for sushi I eat alllll the ginger on my plate in two bites (and I finish off all my friends' left over ginger too). Ginger tastes great but is even better for your body. So eat all the ginger!!


**Ginger benefits**
>Known to help with digestive issues
>Helps with nausea
>Might help with inflammation and pain
>Might help prevent cancer, infections and Alzheimers (who knows)
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**Turmeric benefits**
>Known to help heartburn
>Help with stomach aches
>Major reduction in inflammation
>Might assist in prevent heart attacks, diabetes, fight cancer and Alzheimers (who knows)
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**Raw honey benefits**
>Anti-fungal, anti-bacterial properties
>Regulates insulin
>Weight loss
>Aids in throat irritation when sick
>Blood sugar regulation
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**Lemon benefits**
>Helps immune system
>Vitamins A, C, potassium calcium
>Ant-fungal properties
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1 cup hot water
1 tablespoon freshly and finely chopped ginger*
1 lemon wedge
1/4 teaspoon raw honey
1/4+ teaspoon organic turmeric powder (as much as you can stand!)

1. Boil the water.
2. Place the chopped ginger in a tea leaf strainer.
3. Add turmeric over the ginger in the tea strainer and place strainer in mug.
4. Squeeze lemon into mug. 
5. Pour water into mug and mix the raw honey in.

In will probably burn. Hopefully in a good way... I think so at least! I know my mom would absolutely HATE it though, so it's definitely a personal preference, especially with the turmeric. 

*Chop the ginger as you need it, do not chop a bunch at a time to use another day. I tried that and it is SEVERELY less ginger-y.


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